I thought that my domain name and web hosting were expiring this month.  I was wrong.  Due to the impending expiration of my blog, I had decided to stop blogging because I had taken steps to unplug.  Deleted facebook, twitter, not that I really used them much but they are definitely a time suck.  When my phone contract ends in a couple months I’m planning to downsize my phone to a simple talk and text.

The internet has not been holding much attraction for me, I read recipe sites and news headlines, but beyond that I’m bored with it. I was reading an article that was pure fluff, it was dull enough that I don’t remember what it was about.  What I do remember however is catching the comments after, I was absolutely amazed at how passionate, enthusiastic, intense, spirited, charged, tactless the comments were.   Freedom of speech, I get it, but sometimes just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean you need to express it.

I was reading a blog written by a woman who uses a scooter, I don’t remember what her health issues are,  it doesn’t matter she is a writer and I enjoy reading her blog.  Anyway, she did a post once asking if her readers liked her new haircut.  Someone actually posted that they did not like it, and proceeded to justify this thoughtless comment with ‘Hey! You asked’ .  I think that’s what I find monotonous about the internet.  The dark side of this age of information.  Nothing that hasn’t been said before but something I think about when I blog.  I like blogging but I don’t like the other side that gives someone the right to not just critique what you’ve written, but insult you, your dog, the colour of your kitchen and then explain to you why they are more awesome than you are.  Differing of opinion, no problem.  Healthy debate about life, sure, bring it on. The drama?  No thanks.

I guess the point of this post was that I have this domain for another year so maybe I will just keep at ‘er, everyone has those moments I guess.  Don’t look for me on facebook though.


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  1. I check out your blog once in awhile…or as the kids tell me “stalk it” and yes internet is a time suck. Maybe if it ever warms up I’ll see you at the market :)

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